Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Polaroid Fun

     I bought the FUJIFILM Instant Camera instax 210 from UO maybe two weeks ago. It was around $150 for the camera and $40 bucks for a 2 in 1 case of film: 20 shots. It has an option for flash, to adjust the lighting, and the range of shot with two settings. It came with a little lens cover so the images can be close up with a mirror attached to it, but the mirror already fell out! I am hoping to go into the store and ask to replace just the mini-lens, but I have a feeling they won't let me. I lost the receipt....
    The camera is well worth it though! I love the antique feeling I get from it every time a new photo processes.
Top photo: My sista Jessica and me.
Bottom photo: My babays Nnqui (pronounced nicky) and Ddenam (pronounced denim)

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