Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Wishlist 2015

This month I am craving bold and dramatic prints, sneakers, off-the-shoulder beach vibed tops, monochrome, and moons! I have never been a sneaker person, or much of a no-heel person. I am five foot one and my legs love a good heel. However, lately I have been going on a 4mile hike up on the Bump&Grind and my calves need a good stretching. Wearing heels eeeeeveryday is not convenient. I am also currently into off-the-shoulder. I am not a summer person. I want as little sweat as possible! The easy access to breezes is perfect. I don't want a tube top though, I prefer the "beachy" looking tops like above! Possibly with stripes the same. Monochrome, monochrome. I am moving and I want my new room to be perfect. I love simplicity and white! These kitty bookends are just a cut way to get my crazy-cat-lady on with also keeping it simple and not too crazy. Lastly, moons! I am a night person and feel like I live more for the moon than the sun. Moons just seem so magical to me and I am really looking for a cool choker with a silver moon. Anyone know of any? 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/

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  1. Love the blouse and this bag!