Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I am super bored and have to wait all day by myself till I can sign my lease. Did I mention I am finally getting my place in la? Yep, growing up. "Queen of Beaumont" is moving on.

Anyways I am exploring around my area to get to know it and I realized The Grove mall is about 15 minutes from it, as well as Melrose Street! So that is pretty exciting. My friends will have to visit me if they want to go to these two hotspots.

I visited the Topshop and tried on a few pieces I would def not be able to afford right now. The girls in the changing room next to me complaining they need more modeling gigs but she wants to have the same days off as her boyfriend...she needs to go to the gym..."can I get the smaller size of the Kate Moss play suit." And I am just here sippin' my $1 McDonalds soda not at all fitting of their lifestyle. Luckily The Grove has a Barnes&Noble so I got a few astrology books and the Sophia Amoruso of NastyGal #GIRLBOSS book. Let's see how long I will last...

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