Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: Regal Rose's Spine Wrap Earring

        So I bought a few pieces from Regal Rose, but this SpineWrap Earring was one of the items I was most excited for. I got it for $26.89 (but now it is reduced).

        First off, the back piece I was kinda skeptical about. It was hard to put on, simply because I could not get a feel of where the hole was! But also it doesn't push in too far neither. I felt if I wore this it would have to be in a very controlled environment (definitely not a drunken nite!) for fear the back would fly off with the whip of my head. Of course, it didn't do so, this was just in the back of my mind.

       The real problem was the "wrap" itself. I believe I have pretty average ears. This thing would NOT stay on. It flopped to the side tugging at my ear lobe - not very comfortable. To get a photo I had to place it and slowly move for my angles. I did not even try walking because it would definitely flop down. My ear because very sore and red just from me trying to find a way for it to stay. So, stupid me, tried to bend it a bit to get a better twist in the spine part. I BROKE IT. I had worn it a total of only 5 minutes. The metal seems fairly cheaper (from me recognition - but I am no metal expert), so I am sure I could glue it back with some metal-glue.

       Overall, a SUPER cool look. I really loved the detail. It just did NOT want to stay and seems impossible to do so. Maybe put some chain on it with a hair clip to fasten it on tighter? Still, I shouldn't have to do so. I can't even try it now since I will probably be way to lazy to ever attempt to fix it anyways...eeeek...

       Buy at your own risk, maybe you have a better solution? Or maybe you have some elf ears that can keep this bad-boy down.

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