Monday, March 31, 2014

My Coachella Guide 2014

I have never been to Coachella, nor have I ever really had the urge to go anyways. Two main reasons for me being a party-pooper: the heat and the monies! I am very sensitive to heat. The sun gives me a headache, i get over-heated very quickly, and I turn as red as a nice Xxtra Hot Cheeto. I do have a boyfriend tho that is set on perhaps paying my way. If that happens, what more of an excuse do I got besides "I can't hide from the sun." Which I can't, cause I bought the best hat ever...

 Unif Lore Hat will save my a$$ (or really my head!). Then I also am awaiting the arrival of the other three items. The two necklaces I bought from Dixi are super cute and trendy. The *bib* type necklace I keep seeing all over instagram and I am obsessed. I had to get it. Then the jacket I am a bit wary about right now, because I thought it was a duplicate of the jacket I have wanted for over a year now on NastyGal. Turns out it might be completely different. I bought it on Romwe because it was about $15 bucks cheaper and Romwe you can find great discounts online. I may just be psyching myself out, but fingers crossed it comes and I love it. My fault for being cheap I guess.

These are the items I wish to purchase. Or items of similar interest. It will be hot and so a fan is a must. Not sure if I want to go the electric route or give my wrist a good work-out. A bunch of cute socks to peek out of my shoes of choice. Which would be the Jeffrey Campbell Asylum Platform Boot. They have a bit of height, they look comfortable, and (like I said earlier) they could show off some cute socks if I wanted. Finally I need new non-stretch shorts. The Unif Hangover shorts look like they would be my best match but they are honestly too expensive for me.

Hopefully I get to go and my boyfriend won't despise me for working-it with him. I would love to experience this festival not only for myself, but with him. <3

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