Sunday, June 16, 2013


We had so much fun last night at xam sidnal (spelt backwards so google can't find this sh*t). Hung out with Autumn and her sister and basically were the creeps of the show. I am so socially awkward, it's sad! People were jumping off the balconies into the pool! A free photo booth with unlimited props. Even a stand up Justin Beiber? Met so many people, don't remember any of their names due to my impeccable hearing -_- The view was absolutely gorgeous. A view of the whole city landscape lights and starry night. Not to mention the house itself was beautiful. Had more than enough rooms to fit all 130+ of us.I went to use the restroom and i open the door to find people making chants and rhythms and banging household items. Everyone ended up hanging out in a fucking closet... why? Everybody who is anybody hangs out in a closet.

All I gotta say, it was a fuckin good night.

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