Monday, October 29, 2012


thrifted top | necklace from yard sale | UO high waist jeans | HotTopic belt | JC wedge
see this look on!

     Got my hair did in Los Angeles today, and was so stoked to go to the UNIF pop-up shop on Fairfax... I did not know it was closed on MONDAYS! Monday funday my a$$! We saw it was closed from the street but I had to look thru the window at least. Then some dude that worked there saw me peeking and came to the door. He paused staring for a bit, and let me know it was closed. First off, thanks for that awkward temptation! Second, I can read the sign! HA. 
     Kills me I did not get to go inside, but I plan on going soon! Cause not I gots tha feva to see ah! ;)

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