Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Christmas!

     The only thing I truely enjoy on Christmas is all my family hanging out with one another. My mom, dad, brother, sister, her boyfriend, and my two greatest aunts ever known to existence!
     Besides that I do not find myself to be enthusiastic about Christmas as I was when I was young.
     We ate delicious tri-tip steak my dad prepared to perfection, opened presents, our stockings, and watched the Lakers all day for the sack of my dad, aunt Kelle, and Jesus (my sister's boyfriend). I got new tires for my car, a itouch 4 (first I have ever owned), and some really nice little nick-nacks.
     I hope all my followers had a great Christmas, if you are a celebrator, and have a great new years! My new years will be spent in San Fransico! Can not wait. Til next post, farewell.

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  1. I love your blog dear and I happen to think that you are doing a marvelous job at it comma also this post is really great as well and Happy Merry Christmas!