Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So there is this girl I used to know, and well we are definitely not friends anymore. She stole my clothes, my sister's clothes, and when confronted turned into a hermit crab and ran away from her problems. I've mentioned her in posts previously.
I searched my "if it's illegal to rock and roll, throw my a$$ in jail" and guess what I found...a link to that same girl's blog on tumblr. I clicked it, and found she used the quote under one of her personal photos. Now you can say "That is a common Kurt Cobain quotation!" but she also used the *$ sign. (see mine here)
So of course I got curious, and looked some more. I saw another one she named "Self exposure." That sounded awfully familiar as well. And underneath her photo she put "trying something new." I wrote the exact thing word-for-word on my lookbook post "SELF EXPOSURE." (see this one here)
Then looking through her blog I spotted three images I had put into an inspiration post that her tumblr had no hits on all in a row. Meaning, she saved them, then uploaded them to her blog on tumblr, and did not reblog them from previous users. A bit too much of a coincidence you think?
Now, I know all of you followers could care less about this...but she is obviously scoping my things...meaning she will read this. And I just want her to know I know.

So to all my followers, bear with this annoying post, and have a good night


  1. What a ned schneebly. What's her blog URL?

  2. The only reason I am not putting her url is because I don't want my blog to be a source for argumentation. I only posted this so she could see I know, cause how pathetic?
    Anyways, funny reference :b