Monday, July 13, 2015

If I could be granted three wishes...

We all have been asked the question in life: If you had three wishes what would it be? Whether it was a questionaire on your elementary school quiz or you questioned yourself while watching Disney's Aladdin - it has been asked.

Let's just be selfish for once and not give the answer "world peace." Here are my three selfish wishes...


My first wish would have to be my dream home! I hope to one day be able to afford to create the home of my dreams! White, gray, black, industrial, bright, with a slight touch of bohemian. I want large windows to bring in natural light. I love hard wood floors, exposed brick, character, and lots of space! I want somewhere I can do my art and live happily with my love. He will be the one to make me food, so he can decide the kitchen. ;)

My second wish would be to become a super hero! I have always had a fascination with the super power world. Cat Woman, Spider-man, and the X-Men in particular. Super speed, mind reading, invisibility, something. I like the idea that I could help others that can not be helped. The idea that you have something no one else can take.

My final wish would be to become a successful artist! My inspiration is Charmaine Olivia an oil painter, Rachel Harris ncororates her art into her fashion designs, and Alexandra Valenti - a talented photographer who turns a simple photograph into a canvas of beautiful colors. All of them have seemed to follow their dreams and grew a great following. I want to some day have my works of art out there for everyone to appreciate as I appreciate theirs.

☽ Where is genie when you need him? ☾

When it comes to someone's wishes, it is obvious that they will never be magically granted to us like a childhood fairy tale. We have to make them happen with some sweat and tears. 

My dream home will never be handed to me untill I get off my a$$ and actually make it happen. I must follow my dreams and earn it. If I make myself into a successful artist someday, it could help pave the road to my dream living situation. But again I must earn it.

I will obviously never obtain super powers, but I can do something more realistic: be kind and help those in need. I do not need powers to do this. Simply a big heart.

What would you wish for, and how can you grant your own wishes?

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