Monday, July 15, 2013

#CRUISE4TH: Born on the 4th of July

Photos by semaj partslig
(decode it, it is backwards ha)

As shown on the invite page: "This most American of holiday weekends, we will be celebrating the birth, life, and immortality of one of our greatest heroes, Tom Cruise. THIS IS NOT FOR MY BIRTHDAY PEOPLE. Although he (TOM CRUISE NOT JESSE) is actually born on the 3rd of July, we will be celebrating on the 4th because you all are doing Labyrinth stuff that weekend and you know you need a good 4th of July party to kick it off.

The theme is simple:

Dress as one of the many and varied Tom Cruise characters.
Dress as one of the countless love interests/bromances of Tom Cruise (real life or character).
New addition: Red, White, and Beautiful if you want something easy.

Playlist will include the soundtrack to Top Gun because you want it and you need it.

Just have to say, these people are so kind and appear to be so talented. I do not know them much, just knew them two days now. But they have opened their arms and drinks to me! With many comments about how quiet I am, but hello, I am. ha. 

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