Saturday, May 28, 2016

Kawaii Kaua'i

I had the best time of my life in Hawaii! We stayed at the Mariott Resort in Kaua'i for my boyfriend's Aunts' wedding. Never had I ever seen such a beautiful scenery. I went kayaking, swam under a waterfall, walked in the pouring but warm rain. For a first time 'vacation' it set the bar high.

It started out pretty conserning to be honest. Our shuttle arrived to take us to the airport at 2AM. 20min until I get to the LAX I realized my shoe was stuck in gum on the bus floor. Awesome. The wait went by quickly. I was nervous as hell but a half a zanex cleared that up on our first flight to San Francisco.

I awoke at the first layover with a weird tugging on my hair. I had passed out on my boyfriend's should the entire ride. My head was practiacally glued to my shoulder. I ripped my hair away to find I had yet another gum encounter on my trench coat shoulder!! Ooohh, but it did not end there. On our second airplane the zipper of my leather bag came off and I had no way to close it. I lugged around carrying it as best I could without all my camera equipment tumbling out.

We arrived and the humidity was not as bad as expected (however later days proved that wrong). We picked up our rental car and I found my favorite sunglasses broke. I had a lovely start... but I think it was the last of the negativity just flushing out of me to bring me what was a life changing trip.

I sadly grabbed the wrong camera my Sony camera died within the first 24 hours. Luckily our phones have cameras on them and my boyfriend's mom lent us a water proof camera.

I highly recommend going to this gorgeous island. I am definitely going to go back as soon as my bank account desires ;)

What I wore:
outfit 1. BLACK BODYSUIT similar here

outfit 2. MADDY K BACKLESS VELVET DRESS venice beach boutique

wedding outfit 3.  NASTY GAL x FL&L WILDFLOWER SKIRT nasty gal

bathing suits. THE SHAMELESS BRIEF & TOP minimale animale
BLACK STRAPPY BRIEF venice beach boutique

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I'M GOING TO HAWAII! I have kept it a secret but I'm leaving early in the AM tomorrow morning. First time going somewhere with the only intention of relaxation.

I can not wait to relax on the clear beaches and just simply enjoy being in the solitude with my boyfriend.

I have never been to Hawaii, however, I know just what to pack. Here are just the bits of things I am packing. I am in love with the Kylie Lip Kit. It is somewhat waterproof so it will last throughout my day. 

Of course I can not forget my cameras. Me being as OCD about photos as I am there is no way I would pick to fit a pair of heels in my bag over them! ;)

Finally I get to use my Minimale Animale swimsuits! With a weeks worth in paradise there is definitely not too many to bring! 

Lastly we are attending a wedding with occassions for formal wear. I purchased a couple of cute outfits and cannot wait for my boyfriend to see me in them.

In case you didn't notice this is a bit of a quick bullsh*t post :3 I am currently getting as much stuff done as possible to get this trip going. I can not wait to be there and share my happiness when I get home with you all!