Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Treat every day like it is Valentine's Day.


 Treat every day like it is Valentine's Day.

This is a stupid holiday in my opinion.
I am a sappy gal, don't get me wrong. Get me flowers and chocolates.
I am simple. I do not want diamonds or a 5 star dinner.
I just want attention, love and adrenaline ;)

I believe strongly you should treat any day and every day like Valentine's Day. Why settle for one with someone you love? That does not mean gifts and expensive trips. Simply put give them your attention and affection.

 My boo-thang and I got together quick. I believe if you have a connection with someone why play games? I am 24 years old. The rules of dating and one night stands are a joke. If you found someone awesome jump on it quickly. They will get to know you sooner or later anyways, who cares if they find you crazy.

You could loose them if you wait too long.

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