Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I'M GOING TO HAWAII! I have kept it a secret but I'm leaving early in the AM tomorrow morning. First time going somewhere with the only intention of relaxation.

I can not wait to relax on the clear beaches and just simply enjoy being in the solitude with my boyfriend.

I have never been to Hawaii, however, I know just what to pack. Here are just the bits of things I am packing. I am in love with the Kylie Lip Kit. It is somewhat waterproof so it will last throughout my day. 

Of course I can not forget my cameras. Me being as OCD about photos as I am there is no way I would pick to fit a pair of heels in my bag over them! ;)

Finally I get to use my Minimale Animale swimsuits! With a weeks worth in paradise there is definitely not too many to bring! 

Lastly we are attending a wedding with occassions for formal wear. I purchased a couple of cute outfits and cannot wait for my boyfriend to see me in them.

In case you didn't notice this is a bit of a quick bullsh*t post :3 I am currently getting as much stuff done as possible to get this trip going. I can not wait to be there and share my happiness when I get home with you all! 

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