Sunday, February 15, 2015

valentine, valentine

Valentine's Day is no different from any other day. My "beeeebe" and I spent it like we usually do together. Food. Food. Cuddle-sesh. Food. We spent the previous night together, eating from a great sushi place on Santa Monica Blvd. We were stunned. We have never tasted such quality. Pretty pathetic now that we have.. The next morning, V-Day, we ate brunch then bought tickets to the Pickwick Ice Rink. He never had skated before, and I could not wait to see him fall on his face. Though I was definitely the better skater, *I was the one that fell to the ground as he watched and laughed passing me by. Joke was on me. Nether-the-less, I had fun and when I asked him if he would do it again, he responded "Yes."

After skating, we just relaxing at his apartment. Trying to take photos together (something he sacrifised for me due to his hatred of his photo being taken) but the sun went down too quickly and our reservation was coming. We ate at a fine dining restaurant in Santa Monica he had been trying to get reservations for all week (surprise!). It read on their menus "please no phone as it interferes with our fryers." Obviously a lie. They just want you to enjoy the experience. We decided whipping out my large camera to photograph the food would offend them.

Though this day should be treated like any other, with extra love, it does have meaning to me. This day marked our official 3 year romantic-anniversary. We officially have known one another since January 2013, but just was getting to know one another. Valentine's Day '13 was when it started to get heated, and we later somehow merged into a relationship (after my months of pushing "What are we?"). After forever I finally got him and we became OFFICAL bf/gf. We are complete opposites. I love this and I know he loves that. One thing that brings us together: our minds. For two people so different we share about identical morals and values. I never thought someone like me could fall in love and share so much with a man. I am so very happy to have found someone to want to hold my heart.

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