Friday, December 21, 2012

The end has no end.

Excuse my lame "poem." I write them in a matter of minutes and don't put much creativity to them. This came out of nowhere. I just kind of felt like adding a closure to the fuckup of a boy I dated last. Eh, not even much of a closure. More a sob story. But anyways, the photo below is the new boy I have been talking to since January of 2012. So random how we started talking. But please...
Cross your Fingers!
I want this to work out. ;)

She trusted no man 
to give her heart,
but his aurora 
blinded her from the start.

She kept her distance
and never did persist,
however, his charm and touch 
was hard to resist.

She saw a new light
that drew her nearer.
 Preventing what was was truly happening
to become clearer.

He captured her heart
and made her a believer.
to someday break her
and make her a griever.

The light led her
to a distressing brutality.
That mentally rotted her
to a state of lethality.

He gave no explanation
nor any remorse.
Just went on his way
ignorant of her new change of course.

She felt vulnerable
and fell apart.
She will never trust a man
to giver heart.
-Anda Brea

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