Friday, December 23, 2011

I'll lay in the tub til I melt away.

 Why do I say I am unique when all my actions prove to be typical. 
I don't know how to get rid of the feelings, and yet do I want to? 
It is a girl's fantasy that she can change him. 
But fantasy isn't reality.
 I'm not much a poet, so don't expect much.

It's like you're screaming,
but no one can hear.
You have succumbed to his will.
He is your puppeteer.
What do you do
when the fondness is abused?
Your lungs concave
and your heart becomes bruised.

He chose another,
but uses you as his personal toy.
At first it is so endearing,
but thereafter you just become annoyed.

When his other returns,
he is bittersweet.
Forgetting your existence.
Playing his game of cheats.

You feel so used.
You feel disconnected.

Why is his touch so captivating
when it is just temporary?
You just want his affection.
Your movements never wary.

When he's done 
he pulls away from you.
That's when the misery resurfaces.
It is all you are used to.

But if it were over
and it was all gone.
You'd rather keep all the negativity
to keep all the good memories foregone.

You almost feel ashamed
that someone could be that important.
No one will ever understand how much it hurts
even if to him you might not be as significant.

(inspired from the beginning intro of We Found Love|rihanna)